The Age of Innocence [Repost]

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The Age of Innocence [Repost]

David Hamilton (Photographer) - The Age of Innocence
Published: 1992-02-01 | ISBN: 1854103040 | PDF | 220 pages | 35.74 MB

Accompanied by lyrical poetry, this collection showcases the nude portrait photography David Hamilton is known for.
'Young girls reaching the Age of Innocence - embody the promise of life at its fullest.' In this sumptuous collection of portraits, interleaved with lyrical poetry, David Hamilton explores the sensuality and complexity of virginal innocence. A beautiful, large - format volume, featuring more than 200 pages of color and monochromatic images. The settings, the subjects, and the elegant dance of light and color will all be familiar to long - time admirers of David Hamilton, who, in his dreamy, romantic imagery, pioneered a style that has never been equaled. These graceful works are nothing less than an ode to youthful beauty and innocence - images that are at once universal and personal, timeless and fleeting.

No Other Mirrors, Please!

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