Analytical Fluid Dynamics (2nd edition)

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Analytical Fluid Dynamics (2nd edition)

George Emanuel - Analytical Fluid Dynamics (2nd edition)
Published: 2000-12-21 | ISBN: 0849391148 | PDF | 808 pages | 10.45 MB

The second edition of Analytical Fluid Dynamics presents an expanded and updated treatment of inviscid and laminar viscous compressible flows from a theoretical viewpoint. It emphasizes basic assumptions, the physical aspects of flow, and the appropriate formulations of the governing equations for subsequent analytical treatment. Topics covered include
Basic concepts
A novel approach to linking complicated thermodynamics to the equations of motion
Shockwave dynamics
Calorically imperfect gas flows
Supersonic sweep
Shock-expansion interference
Unsteady, one-dimensional flows
First- and second-order boundary-layer theory
Particularly noteworthy is a new, general treatment of forces and moments. The one-dimension flow chapter also discusses internal ballistics and the Riemann function method for solving hyperbolic equations. These two chapters, along with those dealing with thermodynamics, sweep, interference, imperfect gas glows, and several of the appendices are new to this edition.
Analytical Fluid Dynamics: Second Edition answers the continued need for fluid dynamic books that combine physical insight with careful development of the corresponding mathematics. With his focus on the development of analytical skills for dealing with inviscid and viscous flow, the author achieves this goal and provides a text valuable as a research reference or a graduate-level text.

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