Cooling Tower Fundamentals (Repost)

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Cooling Tower Fundamentals (Repost)

Cooling Tower Fundamentals
Publisher: The Marley Cooling Tower Company | pages: 116 | 1985 | ISBN: N/A | PDF | 51,2 mb

The following text is devoted to identifying the primary and peripheral considerations and offering approaches refned by some eighty years of experience in the cooling tower industry. The goal is to assure the implementation of water cooling systems which will satisfy all design and environmental requirements with sound engineering and responsible cost.This manual is not intended to be all-encompassing and thoroughly defnitive. The entire scope of cooling towers is too broad, and the technology far too advanced, to permit complete coverage in a single publication. Separate brochures by SPX Cooling Technologies, either existing or planned, cover individual topics in depth. The intent herein is to provide a level of basic knowledge which will facilitate dialogue, and understanding, between user and manufacturer.