In the Shadows of Truth: The Polarized Family

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In the Shadows of Truth: The Polarized Family

Elly K. Kansiime, "In the Shadows of Truth: The Polarized Family"
2017 | ISBN-10: 2889312046 | 172 pages | PDF | 1 MB

In this book the author deals with the hidden realities posed by parents who spend much of their time occupied with work and leisure, while the children are left to their to their own devices. In the course of these long time period of separation, children build inappropriate relationships and indulge in detrimental practices that pose both short- and long-terms effects to themselves and the family at large. This book therefore focuses on parental ethical roles in the Uganda African context. It is a very moving family ethical exposition that will build up parents and help them to rethink their approach to family practises. It is a book intended to raise awareness of the subtle dangers that unintentional neglect can cause, potentially damaging their families and their children's future.