Time-Varying Vector Fields and Their Flows

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Time-Varying Vector Fields and Their Flows

Time-Varying Vector Fields and Their Flows (SpringerBriefs in Mathematics) by Saber Jafarpour
English | 11 Oct. 2014 | ISBN: 3319101382 | 128 Pages | EPUB | 2.83 MB

This short book provides a comprehensive and unified treatment of time-varying vector fields under a variety of regularity hypotheses, namely finitely differentiable, Lipschitz, smooth, holomorphic, and real analytic. The presentation of this material in the real analytic setting is new, as is the manner in which the various hypotheses are unified using functional analysis. Indeed, a major contribution of the book is the coherent development of locally convex topologies for the space of real analytic sections of a vector bundle, and the development of this in a manner that relates easily to classically known topologies in, for example, the finitely differentiable and smooth cases. The tools used in this development will be of use to researchers in the area of geometric functional analysis.