The Business of Geriatrics

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The Business of Geriatrics

Wasserman, Michael, "The Business of Geriatrics"
English | 2016 | ISBN-10: 3319285440 | 174 pages | EPUB | 1 MB

Provides a better understanding of what defines geriatric medicine and why that is critical in today’s healthcare marketplace
Written by experts in the field
Discusses methods that can be utilized by medical practices to be cost-effective
Imparts knowledge of cultural and business aspects of the continuum of care
Guides primary care physicians to achieve financial success

This book takes a fresh look at how caring for Medicare beneficiaries can lead to success in today’s healthcare marketplace. Using examples from highly successful practice models, the book will take the reader through the key components necessary to run a profitable geriatric practice. The author, who co-founded what became one of the largest geriatric private practices in the country, discusses each part of the continuum of care from the perspective of the provider-client relationship, highlighting the importance of business cultures in this environment.

The text also features an overview of payment models, starting with traditional fee-for-service, insurance (Medicare HMO’s), and finishing with the concept of bundled payment models that have been heralded as the future of physician reimbursement. Finally, this book focuses on the practical aspects of business planning, budgeting and hiring and concludes with chapters about the key challenges faced by a geriatric practice, focusing on provider productivity, coding and billing, and dealing with potential competition in the marketplace.

The Business of Geriatrics is the ultimate business guide for primary care physicians, geriatricians, residents, medical students, healthcare administrators, policymakers, business and medical administrative students, and practice managers.