Democracy in the EMU in the Aftermath of the Crisis

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Democracy in the EMU in the Aftermath of the Crisis

Luigi Daniele, "Democracy in the EMU in the Aftermath of the Crisis"
English | ISBN: 3319538942 | 2017 | 409 pages | PDF | 5 MB

The book covers some of the major issues concerning the problematic relationship between respect for democratic principles and the new European Economic Governance. Innovative approaches are highlighted throughout the book: new frameworks and arrangements are proposed on the basis of efficiency analyses, as well as their institutional and legal suitability. Though the perspective adopted is essentially a legal one, the economic and policy background are also given due consideration.
The papers presented here offer a balanced mix of empirical (including comparative) and theoretical analysis; several also combine the two approaches, carrying out empirical analyses, then setting the results against theoretical options. Given the relative dearth of literature on democratic principles and the EMU, let alone a comprehensive enquiry, the book marks a valuable new contribution.