New Civil Codes in Hungary and Romania

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New Civil Codes in Hungary and Romania

New Civil Codes in Hungary and Romania By Prof. Attila Menyhárd, Dr. Emőd Veress
English | PDF | 2017 | 227 Pages | ISBN : 3319633260 | 3.19 MB

This edited volume examines two recent Central European recodifications of civil law. The contributors present and discuss the regulation and the fundamental changes related to the new Civil Codes in each country. They also highlight the novelties and some of the issues of great debate of the new regulation.
The papers investigate specific parts of the two Civil Codes. Coverage reviews default rules of legal persons and companies, key issues of the new regulations of property law, and the topic of intellectual property. The contributors also consider the law of obligation, unforeseeable changes in circumstances in contracts, family law and law of succession, and more.
Hungary and Romania connect to each other by their special historical and cultural background, which serves as a solid basis of great cooperation. This volume shows how the two countries view civil law. It offers readers straightforward and practice-oriented knowledge on the subject.