Construction Supervision QC + HSE Management in Practice

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Construction Supervision QC + HSE Management in Practice

Construction Supervision QC + HSE Management in Practice: Quality Control, OHS, and Environmental Performance Reference Guide by El-Sayed Abdel Halim
English | Feb 25, 2015 | ISBN: 1503502376 | 194 Pages | EPUB/PDF (Converted) | 3.73 MB

How should construction works of a new building or even a new city be overseen? Are there specific focus areas? What data is required to gauge compliance and performance? How can construction issues and problems quickly be identified, rectified, and not repeated? And as construction works proceeds, what is required to ensure performance is maintained whilst achieving specified quality standards safely and with minimal environmental harm?
In answering these questions, this book establishes the role of the construction supervisor, applicable to both the consultant and contractor, as it details how construction should be monitored and verified, and how quality, scope, time, and cost aspects can be effectively managed.
As construction supervision is employed to its full potential, it becomes a powerful tool that can ensure that the desired construction performance and later operational performance are achieved. Construction supervision, after all, is key to attaining quality control, safety, and environmental compliance as it ensures that the required and specified things are done as required, first time.
In writing this book, the authors have drawn much on their extensive and worldwide in-practice experience to articulate how construction supervision should be conducted, outlining what site information should be captured and how it can be used to assess and influence overall work performance. This book, written for use by building owners and practitioners, establishes a new baseline for undertaking and conducting construction supervision works.