Python Network Hacking Essentials

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Python Network Hacking Essentials

Python Network Hacking Essentials by Earnest Wish
English | May 5, 2015 | ASIN: B00X6S7L1O | 112 Pages | PDF/AZW4 | 3.74 MB/3.98 MB

This book is not for professional hackers. Instead, this book is made for beginners who have programming experience and are interested in hacking.
Here, hacking techniques that can be easily understood have been described.
If you only have a home PC, you can test all the examples provided here.
I have included many figures that are intuitively understandable rather than a litany of explanations.
Therefore, it is possible to gain some practical experience while hacking, since I have only used examples that can actually be implemented.
This book is therefore necessary for ordinary people who have a curiosity of hackers and are interested in computers.