Elements of Scientific Computing (Repost)

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Elements of Scientific Computing (Repost)

Aslak Tveito, Hans Petter Langtangen, "Elements of Scientific Computing"
2010 | pages: 478 | ISBN: 3642112986 | PDF | 3,6 mb

Science used to be experiments and theory, now it is experiments, theory and computations. The computational approach to understanding nature and technology is currently flowering in many fields such as physics, geophysics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, and most engineering disciplines. This book is a gentle introduction to such computational methods where the techniques are explained through examples. It is our goal to teach principles and ideas that carry over from field to field. You will learn basic methods and how to implement them. In order to gain the most from this text, you will need prior knowledge of calculus, basic linear algebra and elementary programming.

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