The Power of Communicating the Family Firm Status

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The Power of Communicating the Family Firm Status

The Power of Communicating the Family Firm Status: The Positive Effect of Family Firms as a Brand on Consumer Buying Behavior and Consumer Happiness By Margarete Rosina
English | PDF | 2017 (2018 Edition) | 202 Pages | ISBN : 365819698X | 3.44 MB

Margarete Rosina investigates whether it makes sense for family firms to communicate their family firm status to consumers. To do so, she conducts two experimental studies using a sample of 349 consumers. Using a branding perspective, the first study looks at whether consumers perceive family firm brands as more authentic and why and how this influences their buying behavior.
The second study applies a consumer happiness perspective and investigates whether family firms signal prosocial behaviors related to “doing good”, namely being a good employer and socially responsible, and whether this, in turn, leads to higher levels of consumer happiness when buying from family firms. Both studies indicate that the family firm status can be of strategic value for family firms.