3ds Max 2017 New Features

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3ds Max 2017 New Features

3ds Max 2017 New Features
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What's new in 3ds Max 2017? The new user interface is key: flatter and faster than before. 3ds Max 2017 also introduces the Autodesk Raytracer (ART), a physically based renderer for photorealistic stills. Aaron F. Ross covers these features plus many others, explaining what to expect and how to use the new asset management, modeling, animation, materials, and rendering tools.

Topics include:
  • New viewport display menus
  • Using the standalone Asset Library
  • Visualizing computational fluid dynamics
  • Exporting to Print Studio for 3D printing
  • Saving models and animation with the Game Exporter
  • Building complex objects with new Booleans
  • Modeling and mapping with new TextPlus primitive
  • Editing keyframes with new Curve Editor tools
  • Applying skin weights with Voxel and Heat Map solvers
  • Mapping spline textures with shape maps
  • Simulating surfaces with Physical Material
  • Rendering with ART
  • Rendering in the cloud with A360