Poker Isometrics: and Poker Fitness (repost)

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Poker Isometrics: and Poker Fitness (repost)

Poker Isometrics: and Poker Fitness by Anton Drake
English | 13 Apr. 2011 | ISBN: 0983150206 | 212 Pages | PDF | 15 MB

Poker Isometrics: The art of applying isometrics to the game of poker in order to get fit, build muscle, lower stress levels, get sexier, stay off tilt, conceal your tells, oxygenate your brain, think clearly and play your best. Let’s face it. Poker may be the most high-energy and exciting game in the world, but the reality is that you play it sitting on your butt. We’ve all spent dozens of hours at a time sitting at casino poker tables or in front of computer screens—and we’ve all wondered: “In the long run, is it even possible to play poker every day and still be fit and healthy?” The truth is that while poker demands high levels of mental energy, it requires virtually no physical energy or exertion. Even the longest, toughest poker tournament gives you far less exercise than playing a single round of golf. Meanwhile, suppressing and holding back your body’s “Fight or Flight” responses to risk and frustration can fill your blood with damaging stress hormones. Stressed out, tense, emotionally upset, frustrated and Tilted, players can struggle to think and play well. The REAL secret about Tilt is that the emotional responses that cause it are visceral, hormonal, physical reactions: physical reactions not easily controlled by merely changing your thoughts. To truly overcome Tilt, you must find a way to unleash your body and burn off stress and aggression while you play: Poker Isometrics. This book reveals hidden secrets and techniques of isometric muscle control and power, which will energize, strengthen and awaken your body. Anton Drake, a yoga expert and martial artist with more than 25 years experience, explains step by step how to covertly turn your poker sessions into isometric fat-burning and muscle-building workbenches, where your body will be transformed into a powerhouse of lean muscular energy. Learn how to use isometrics covertly and effectively at the poker table. Get super-strong, quickly, and build a lean, sexy, buff body. Learn to beat the monster of Tilt… or at least give it a good fight for a change. Reduce stress hormones, heat up your sex life, and lower your risk of heart attack. Conceal and control your poker tells with brutal precision. Get more oxygen to your brain, sharpen your mental focus, live longer, and win more. Develop your internal muscle control, and a deeper awareness of your body. Bonus! Also includes the Simple Poker Diet. Eat leaner and healthier, even at the casino. Features a dynamite 17 page section on using energy supplements for total health. This book is a super-fast learning tool, designed to deliver instant results; it’s packed with secrets, insights and techniques that are ready to plug and play. The path to mastering real isometrics is mapped out for you with innovative diagrams, pictures and crystal-clear explanations that will quickly teach you expert level isometric technique—so you’ll start getting stronger from Day One. Poker isometrics will show you how to use isometrics with maximum effectiveness while playing poker—whether at the casino or at your desk. With more than 170 high quality photographs and illustrations, using innovative graphics techniques to show you exactly how to master isometrics NOW.