Audel Air Conditioning Home and Commercial [Repost]

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Audel Air Conditioning Home and Commercial [Repost]

Audel Air Conditioning Home and Commercial by Mark Richard Miller
Audel; All New 5th Edition | August 13, 2004 | English | ISBN: 0764571109 | 528 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Like its earlier editions, this fully updated guidebook is packed with practical information on installing, servicing, maintaining, and trouble-shooting air-conditioning systems. Whether you're an AC professional, an independent repair technician, or a cost-conscious homeowner, everything you need is here. Clearly organized and loaded with diagrams and illustrations, it's a vital addition to your toolbox.
* Find concise, accurate information on installing and maintaining both residential and commercial systems
* Understand the physics of air conditioning and filtration
* Make accurate temperature measurements using various methods and devices
* Work with room air conditioners, water cooling systems, and auto air conditioning
* Learn about refrigerants, compressors, condensers, evaporators, and AC motors
* Service, troubleshoot, and repair both old and new AC units