Green Urea: For Future Sustainability (Green Energy and Technology) [Repost]

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Green Urea: For Future Sustainability (Green Energy and Technology) [Repost]

Green Urea: For Future Sustainability (Green Energy and Technology) by Noorhana Yahya
English | 21 Feb. 2018 | ISBN: 9811075778 | 172 Pages | PDF | 4.9 MB

This book presents a game changing technology of lower energy-intensive urea production of urea which is used as fertilizer. The technology, from a resource to a knowledge-intensive based industry, investigates a new synthesis approach employing electromagnetic induction and nano-catalyst at lower energy consumption. This clean and green method for a sustainable future might change the landscape of future chemical processes. It is made possible due to the enhancement in nanotechnology where quantum mechanical understanding is called into play. New reactor designs are elaborated on and discussed explicitly. Hematite and nickel oxide nanocatalysts are proposed for the green urea synthesis process, in the presence of static and oscillating magnetic fields. Strategies to increase single to triplet conversion rate are given for better understanding of the improved urea rate. The focus is deliberately on scrutinizing the greenhouse gas effect on the urea yield, in this case CO2 flow rate. Coating techniques for slow release strategies are provided to reduce the volatilization of ammonia and leaching effect, hence offering a complete solution of Green Technology. Agriculture 4.0 that creates the new patterns and precision monitoring of crop rotation and livestock utilization will be able to pave the way for better crop yield. Development of advanced technology in agriculture is important for the implementation of Agriculture 4.0 and currently an inevitable trend of the socioeconomic development in the context of broader international integration for the sustainable future.