Shanghai Girls: Uncensored & Unsentimental

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Shanghai Girls: Uncensored & Unsentimental

Shanghai Girls Uncensored & Unsentimental: How Formidable Chinese Women Use Their Feminity to Get Wealth and Power by Mina Hanbury-Tenison
English | 30 Aug. 2014 | ISBN: 9881841941 | 158 Pages | MOBI | 237.22 KB

The desire to marry into money may be a fairly universal phenomenon, but in China, it seems new. To a certain extent, that trend reflects the economic boom the country has enjoyed during the past two to three decades and the consequent embrace of materialism. In the book, Shanghai-based American Mina learns from her friend Lan Lan the secrets of how Shanghai ladies use their feminine wiles to nab the desirable and wealthy. A classic example of a Shanghai Girl who has reached stellar heights from humble beginnings, Lan Lan has been married three times, each time to a husband who was "richer than the previous", (she would like to point out), but is currently single. Following its publication in China, the book, which is full of eye-opening, tongue-in-cheek tips on initiating and handling relationships, generated a huge debate around the evolving construct of Chinese feminity and Western and Chinese concepts of love and romance.