Adobe Animate CC New Features

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Adobe Animate CC New Features

Adobe Animate CC New Features
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Adobe Animate CC is the focused animation software that takes all the best tools from Flash Professional and bundles them with Creative Cloud features. In this course, learn about the enhancements in the 2017 release of Adobe Animate CC with expert Joseph Labrecque. Explore the enhanced animation tooling included in this release, including Frame Picker enhancements and ease presets for classic and shape tweens. Plus, learn about interactivity enhancements, including global JavaScript declaration, the ability to include references to external JavaScript libraries, and two new properties for HTML5 Canvas video components: mute and poster.

Topics include:
  • Enhanced animation tooling
  • Frame Picker enhancements
  • Custom ease presets for shape tweens
  • Resetting the camera position
  • Interactivity enhancements
  • Global JavaScript declaration
  • Including external JavaScript libraries