Jay Abraham - Anatomy of a Strategy - Confidential Casebook

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Jay Abraham - Anatomy of a Strategy - Confidential Casebook

Jay Abraham - Anatomy of a Strategy - Confidential Casebook
2003 | PDF | 16 pages | ISBN: n/a | English | 0.1 MB

Dear Strategy Setting Super Summit Participant:

As you may know, I place an extraordinary emphasis on the assimilation and use of case
studies in your business.


Because I believe the best way to teach, and the best way to learn is by example. Andrelevant models are the fastest way for you to achieve the results you want in business,and real life role models, case studies, examples, and success stories seem to me the most effective and useful way to get my points regarding marketing strategy across as well.

Trust me, I have read very esoteric, very academic, very high brow, and very dense books on the creation of strategy in marketing and business. I have read literally hundreds of books on the subject. At times, I would given anything for one clear, succinct, and concise example… Some tidbit of a real life implementation.

Alas, it is rare that great strategists make great writers or even good teachers. But my experience does drive home my point: Case studies really work. The following case studies are from my files, as well as from today’s business news. The examples are very clear and applicable. I have tried to make them even more clear and sinewy by listing just the facts and specifics related to each strategy. At the event, (unless I come up with a better idea,) I’ll be walking you through these, as well as others which I have uncovered–- Dissecting them and discussing their relevance to your business.

Hint: The best way to use these case studies is to look at what you can adapt or adopt for use in your business. Yes, I know the businesses are dissimilar to yours. But that makes them even more powerful from a competitive standpoint.

Let me explain:

It is a fact: Most people and companies in your industry market the same way. Based upon my experience in over 400 different industries, I have found that you can engineer an enormous competitive advantage–- if you try something which your competitors don’t do. It gives you a preemptive advantage, differentiates your business and gives you a posture of being an innovator or leader.

This in and of itself is a very powerful strategy. So please, take to heart, really extend yourself and work at applying these case studies to your business.