Autodesk Sketchbook for creating Still life Digital Painting

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Autodesk Sketchbook for creating Still life Digital Painting

Autodesk Sketchbook for creating Still life Digital Painting
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Autodesk Sketchbook: Beginners course on Still life Digital Painting

What you'll learn
Simple Digital Painting Creation
Still Life Digital Painting
Autodesk Sketchbook
Lighting and Shadow
Highlights and midtones
Computer or Laptop
Autodesk Sketchbook free software
Welcome to the course on 'Autodesk Sketchbook: Beginners course on Still life Digital Painting'. In this class, You will learn, Still, life Digital Painting which is highly helpful for beginners and art learners, Autodesk Sketchbook is one of the best software for creating Digital Painting and other Digital Art Works. Through this class, you will learn the following lessons

Pre-Canvas Setup for Digital Painting

Draw Basic Sketch

Color Tones of Still life

Fill Base Colors

Add Lights and Shades of Red Capsicum

Create Lights and Shades of Yellow Capsicum

Lighting Enhancements on Still life

Highlights on Subjects

Autodesk SketchBook, is a raster graphics software app intended for expressive drawing and concept sketching. It was first developed by Alias Systems Corporation, before being acquired by Autodesk. Originally developed as commercial software, it evolved into a subscription model before eventually being made freeware for personal use.

SketchBook features a radial/pie-menu user interface and has painting and drawing tools such as pencils, markers, and brushes. It uses pressure-sensitive features of digital drawing pads, tablet computers, and smartphones to create effects similar to traditional materials. A screenshot tool is also included for annotations, allowing one to show content during meetings, and to add notes for review. The program can also create flipbooks or animations, and it supports layers with the ability to import from and export to Adobe Photoshop (.psd) format. Other features include rulers, brush customization, and canvas rotation.

Who this course is for:
learners of Digital Painting
Learners of Still life digital painting