James Joyce in 90 Minutes [Audiobook]

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James Joyce in 90 Minutes [Audiobook]

Paul Strathern,‎ Robert Whitfield (Narrator), "James Joyce in 90 Minutes"
ASIN: B001TJLCGW, ISBN: 1433217848 | 2009 | MP3@64 kbps | ~01:47:00 | 51 MB

From a young age, James Joyce showed a precocious, original intellect and a confidence in his own artistic destiny. He would indeed go on to transform the nature of modern literature, employing a unique stream-of-consciousness technique rich in symbolism and wordplay. Through his art, the Dublin native sought to reveal the radiance and meaning that lurks in the everyday world, "the soul of the commonest object," evoking a heightened sense of consciousness within the grit of common life. James Joyce in 90 Minutes offers a concise, expert account of Joyce's life and ideas, and explains their influence on literature and on man's struggle to understand his place in the world. The book also includes a list of Joyce's chief works, a chronology of his life and times, and recommended reading for those who wish to delve deeper.