Training Tips for Level 2 of the Mo Pai Nei Kung System

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Training Tips for Level 2 of the Mo Pai Nei Kung System

Training Tips for Level 2 of the Mo Pai Nei Kung System by Shifu Lin
English | 11 July 2012 | ASIN: B008KQOQHY | 38 Pages | AZW3 | 450.26 KB

This booklet is not an instructional guide for "how to" do the techniques of Level 2 of Mo Pai. One should not misunderstand this. This guide is for those who have already learned Mo Pai Level 2a, and who thus need guidance in their practice. This is the level that usually "makes or breaks" a student of Mo Pai, and that is where this text comes in.

Once some students who had gotten to level 2 under myself and other teachers had come to me for help on this second level of Mo Pai Nei Kung, instructions quickly accrued, and some of them wished to have other recommendations that I had sent to their fellow students compiled for their study. With that said, it should be understood that this booklet is for them and them alone, along with other practitioners who have gotten to the second level of Mo Pai. This is not a format to teach people level 2, nor is it something that all Mo Pai students should be reading if they are not already at this level. If you do that, I cannot stop you, but for that reason my explanations and instructions will only make sense to those who have already received the precise movements of Mo Pai Nei Kung’s second level. You may, however, read this in preparation for that level, if you have already experienced the “first sign” of level 1 and would like to internalize these important tips for when you do finally get to the next level. You should not, however, ask me to elaborate on anything until you actually are at that level.