S.J. Scott - 115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time

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S.J. Scott - 115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time

"115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time: Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and PC/iOS Desktop Computers" by S.J. Scott
2014 | EPUB | 173 pages | ASIN: B00NPDJW7Q | English | 0.3 MB

LEARN:: How to Discover the Right Productivity Hacks and Tools for Managing Your Time

Do you struggle with your personal or business productivity? Can't find the right app for your iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire device? Want to complete more tasks on a daily basis?

All of these problems can be solved with the right productivity app. The challenge? The app marketplace suffers from information overload. Because there are so many tools out there, it's hard to know if a specific app is the right one for you. If you've ever scrolled through hundreds of listings, then you know that locating that perfect app is often like finding a needle in a haystack.

THE SOLUTION? Read App Guides That Review Benefits, Not Features

Most app review guides emphasize features, not the benefits. Often you'll get descriptions filled with techno-jargon that fail to describe (in simple language) how a specific app can help you. Instead, what most people need is a simple description of an app's benefits and how it can be used in a real-world setting.

In "115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time," you'll get a straight-forward breakdown of the best productivity apps. Instead of getting a massive directory of links, you'll only learn about the apps that are loved by countless business professionals, time-management junkies and entrepreneurs from around the world. Think of it as your personal "Consumer Reports" on the tools that help you stay productive.

Here's a list of what's included inside:

Calendar Apps

Collaboration Apps

Focus Enhancer Apps

Goal Setting Apps

Mind-Mapping Apps

Note Taking Apps

Password Management Apps

Social Media Management Apps

Task Manager Apps

Writing and Reading Apps

General Productivity Apps