Engineering Mechanics: Statics First Edition

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Engineering Mechanics: Statics First Edition

Engineering Mechanics: Statics First Edition by Sheri D. Sheppard
English | 13 Jun. 2017 | ASIN: B072QY1PJS | ISBN-13: 9781119321996 | 712 Pages | PDF | 97.5 MB

Mechanics courses tend to provide engineering students with a precise, mathematical, but less than engaging experience. Students often view the traditional approach as a mysterious body of facts and “tricks” that allow idealized cases to be solved. When confronted with more realistic systems, they are often at a loss as to how to proceed. To address this issue, this course empowers students to tackle meaningful problems at an early stage in their studies.

Engineering Mechanics: Statics, First Edition begins with a readable overview of the concepts of mechanics. Important equations are introduced, but the emphasis is on developing a “feel” for forces and moments, and for how loads are transferred through structures and machines. From that foundation, the course helps lay a motivational framework for students to build their skills in solving engineering problems.