2D Kinematic Movement (The Algorithms Scribe Book 3)

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2D Kinematic Movement (The Algorithms Scribe Book 3)

2D Kinematic Movement (The Algorithms Scribe Book 3) by José Montes Pérez
English | 19 Oct. 2017 | ASIN: B0764HWDS5 | 72 Pages | AZW3 | 273.93 KB

Humans associate intelligence to life and life to movement. That is why the study of realistic movement, especially in video games, is so important in the study of Artificial Intelligence.
Even board games, which are not particularly dynamic, involve the execution of the movement, even if it consists only of moving the tokens inside a board.
That is why I dedicate a series of issues to this topic. Through them I will teach you how to make an agent, or a group of agents, move within the environment of a video game.
Following the general approach of this magazine I will create algorithms that will be simple at the beginning and that will be evolving to others more and more complex. I will begin by showing you the techniques necessary to simulate kinematic motion in two-dimensional worlds, since its simplicity will allow me to advance in the study of other topics related to Artificial Intelligence.
I'm not going to invent the wheel, the algorithms I'm going to show come from other people's ideas, what I'm going to do is supply you with efficient code that you can reuse again and again.