The Best of Rational Science [Audiobook]

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The Best of Rational Science [Audiobook]

Monk E. Mind,‎ David Gilmore (Narrator),‎ "The Best of Rational Science"
ASIN: B077KGS5RW | 2017 | M4B@62 kbps | ~08:20:00 | 234 MB

A collection of chapters from the previous five volumes in the Rational Science series. We discuss the difference between objects and concepts, hypothesis and theory, and science and technology. What is science? What do scientists do? What is the Rational Scientific Method?

We learn about light, time, and mass, the Big Bang Theory, black holes, and Mach's principle. We find out about dinosaurs and why they were so big. We look at a couple hypotheses on planetary and solar system formation.

From atom to sun, we learn to think about reality in new ways.