Constructing Things: From Buildings to Softwares

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Constructing Things: From Buildings to Softwares

Constructing Things: From Buildings to Softwares by Archille Gothman
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The high-speed rail is a design-build project. And most of you if you stay in the industry will get involved in design-build projects and CM at-risk projects, P3, public private partnerships, alliance contracting and so on and so forth.

So, I don't know what you know, you definitely don't know what I know. So, it's going to be kind to be a meeting of the minds.

Please raise your hand if you have a question or if I'm not clear or you have an example that you want to share with me.

So, I assume everybody knows the three-legged stool of can–design team, owner's team and construction team.

In the construction process, those are the three main players. And if this was an org chart, there would be all kinds of offshoots from each one of these legs.

Construction team would have a bunch of subcontractors. The owner's team would have sub-consultants environmental documents, its own team members.

And the design team, again, like the contractor would have a bunch of sub-consultants.

This is the design build–design-bid-build process. So, I'm going to tell a story.