A Beginners Guide TO Ui/ux Design For Web Designers And Mobile App Designers

Posted By: AlenMiler
A Beginners Guide TO Ui/ux Design For Web Designers And Mobile App Designers

English | 27 Apr. 2018 | ASIN: B07CQJM3GW | 58 Pages | AZW3/EPUB/MOBI/PDF (conv) | 9.5 MB

The first thing to understand about UX is that it is not simply an exercise in creating a prototype. Many people approach UX entirely focussed on prototype creation, but creating a prototype is only a narrow subset of what the discipline of UX has to offer. In this article, I’ll be covering the three cornerstones of becoming and being a UX professional: learning UX, practicing UX design, and cultivating your own UX connection. This course is optimized for the developer who is looking to efficiently learn the most important design techniques that will help them make better apps (with a focus on mobile/Android).

This book teach you UX design built for current (and aspiring) mobile developers. In this short course, you'll step back from your IDE and dive into the techniques that great designers use to plan and prototype amazing apps before any code is written. and UX Design is more about working with people than working on your own in front of a screen.

That said, there are two tasks that stand out as being a huge part of what I do: creating interactive wireframes and conducting guerrilla usability testing sessions. Both require software to do properly. I’ve tried a few different applications, but keep coming back to Balsamiq Mockups as my wireframing tool of choice, and I use Silverback (Mac only) for recording my usability testing.
There are plenty of other alternatives to these tools out there; these just happen to be what works best for me. For the most comprehensive list of UX Tools ever, check out our 100+ Awesome Tools For UX Designers. so this book is the best to learn UI/UX Design for Beginners to start their carrers as a UIUX Designer BUY NOW