Building Curtain Walls with Revit

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Building Curtain Walls with Revit

Building Curtain Walls with Revit
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This course examines one of the best features Revit has to offer: curtain walls. Though they're not structurally significant, curtain walls are important to a building's design aesthetic and the comfort of its occupants. There are many different types of curtain walls out there; Revit offers just as many different ways to build them to fit your needs. Eric Wing starts this course with a look at Revit's simple, preconfigured walls, and then moves on to customizing blank curtain walls with different panel materials, mullions (load-bearing, structural supports), and nonlinear grid patterns. From there, you'll learn to create your own mullion family from scratch. Finally, graduate to massing free-form curtain walls with custom volumes, panels, and spider fittings. With Revit and these tutorials, you can create some really cool systems!

Topics include:
  • Adding an imbedded storefront wall
  • Configuring and moving grids
  • Working with radial curtain walls
  • Adding mullions and doors
  • Editing the curtain wall profile
  • Adding framing and spider fittings
  • Creating custom mullions
  • Building a free-form mass
  • Creating pattern-based panels