Charles Bukowski - 90 minutes in hell (1977)

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Charles Bukowski - 90 minutes in hell (1977)

Charles Bukowski - 90 minutes in hell (1977)
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Recorded in 1966 and issued on Steve Richmond's Earth Records in 1977. There were supposedly 500 copies but, considering how few turn up for sale, I suspect that number may be inflated. Bukowski reads segments from his books and has a few other rants as well. Its easy to suspect when listening to these recordings that the man was quite drunk when he made them. A real collectors item.

Buffalo Hill
A little atomic bomb
The Hairy Hairy Test
An action afternoon
No Charge
Love is a piece of paper torn to bits
Song for Sadists Without a Place to Sit Down
Genius of the Crowd
Their Finest Art
May Make Paris Yet
Men and the Sun
The Japanese Wife/Bukowski Still at It
True Story
The Report



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