C# 6.0 First Look

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C# 6.0 First Look

C# 6.0 First Look
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Get a first look at the new features in C# 6.0—the most simple and efficient version of this coding language ever. Reynald Adolphe takes us through new expression-level features such as nameof expressions, extension add methods, and null-conditional operators; statement-level features such as exception filters; new initializers and members; and the "using static" clause, which simplifies importing static classes. Along the way, he'll cover the enhanced IDE (with IntelliSense syntax) and improved debugging features in Visual Studio 2015.

Topics include:
  • Introducing the new IDE in Visual Studio 2015
  • Leveraging nameof expressions
  • Using index initializers
  • Using await in catch and finally blocks
  • Using static
  • Resolving conflict instance methods
  • Debugging