California Science: Grade 4 (Student Edition)

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California Science: Grade 4 (Student Edition)

Dr. Jay K. Hackett, “California Science: Grade 4 (Student Edition)”
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill | 2008 | ISBN: 0022843787 | 431 pages | PDF | 52,4 MB

Product Description
"California Science" develops science concepts through purposeful, hands-on activities, compelling reading content, and dynamic visuals and graphics. It provides pupils with accurate, standards-based content designed to create scientifically-literate citizens. Pupils learn through rich, readable content, strong visual connections, and hands-on activities.
LIFE SCIENCE; Living things need Energy, Living things and their Environment. EARTH SCIENCE; Rocks adn Minerals, Slow changes on Earth, Fast changes on Earth. PHYSICAL SCIENCE; Electricity, Magnetism.

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