Carotenoids and Human Health (Nutrition and Health)

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Carotenoids and Human Health (Nutrition and Health)

Carotenoids and Human Health (Nutrition and Health) by Sherry A. Tanumihardjo
English | November 28th, 2012 (2013 Edition) | ASIN: B00AKIF3NG, ISBN: 1627032029, 1493959751 | 356 Pages | EPUB | 2.96 MB

Carotenoids and Human Health provides an introduction to food sources and metabolism. Written by experts in their fields and including the most up-to-date information, this volume serves as an in-depth guide to studies that have been performed in humans and observations that have been made in population level assessments.

Special emphasis is given to associations with disease, as well as the importance of carotenoids internationally, specifically as a source of vitamin A for the world. Comprehensive and easy to use, Carotenoids and Human Health is a very useful resource for nutritionists, registered dieticians, medical students, and graduate students.

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