Cats In Love

Posted By: Oleksandr74
Cats In Love

Jean-Claude Suares, Jane Martin - Cats In Love
Welcome Books | 2000 | ISBN: 0941807029 | English | 88 Pages | PDF | 8.15 MB

Cats in Love, by J.C. Suares and Jane Martin, is a collection of pictures and brief stories about cats and their unlikely companions. This short book opens up with an introduction by Jane Martin discussing whether or not cats can truly love or not. Martin concludes that cats do love, and deeply, but not exactly in the same way humans are used to. Then the book continues with stories from various people such as artists, designers, and behaviorists to prove this point.
Cats in Love is filled with cute stories and beautiful black and white pictures, which are not necessarily related to the story printed next to it. Many of the stories will make you laugh or wish that you could find an amazing cat pair. My personal favorite is the story of the Hawaiian jungle cat, which only shows up once a year while a band is staying in a nearby cabin. The cat and the band developed a routine where she will greet everyone individually by sitting in their lap, dine on whatever leftovers they do not want during their stay, and then on the last day give birth to her kittens. How a cat knows exactly when a band will come to visit, and furthermore, time her pregnancy so that she gives birth on the day they are leaving is pretty fascinating.
In other words, Cats in Love is a great book for animal lovers and children!