Corel Painter 11: Brushes

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Corel Painter 11: Brushes

Corel Painter 11: Brushes
MP4 | Video: 540p | Duration: 4:53:39 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 614.4 MB

Corel Painter 11: Mastering Brushes takes a deep look into the variety of mark-making tools found within Corel Painter, a software application that allows you to create painterly images that look like they were made with natural (non-computerized) painting media. Through a comprehensive demonstration of different brushes, Corel Painter guru John Derry shows how to adjust multiple variants to achieve desired results. Just like an artist who holds a paintbrush or piece of chalk at a particular angle to create a specific mark, John demonstrates with both live action and within the application how to modify brush variants for maximum expressive impact. From bristle media to ink media, watercolor to utility media, he explains how to get the most out of this drawing and painting application. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Comparing real-world brush behavior with brushes in Painter
  • Saving a brush variant for future use
  • Using loaded brushes
  • Using sponges and modifying captured dabs
  • Drawing with pastels and chalk
  • Painting with the traditional watercolor brushes
  • Packaging brushes for distribution