"Current Air Quality Issues" ed. by Farhad Nejadkoorki

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"Current Air Quality Issues" ed. by Farhad Nejadkoorki

"Current Air Quality Issues" ed. by Farhad Nejadkoorki
InTAvE | 2015 | ISBN: 9535121804 9789535121800 | 644 pages | PDF | 63 MB

This book describes air pollution in five main contexts: Monitoring, Modeling, Risk Assessment, Health, and Indoor Air Pollution. The book is recommended to experts interested in health and air pollution issues.

Air pollution is thus far one of the key environmental issues in urban areas.
Comprehensive air quality plans are required to manage air pollution for a particular area. Consequently, air should be continuously sampled, monitored, and modeled to examine different action plans.

1 Pollutant Degradation in Gas Streams by means of Non-Thermal Plasmas
2 Air Pollution in Welding Processes — Assessment and Control Methods
3 Aldehyde Measurements in Indoor and Outdoor Environments in Central-Southern Spain
4 Air Pollution Monitoring and Prediction
5 PM 10 Time Series Analysis Through Geostatistical Techniques
6 The Integrated Mini GC-PID System for Monitoring Air Pollution
7 Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Throughfall Deposition of Nitrogen and Sulfur in the Mangrove Forests Associated to Terminos Lagoon
8 Sea Transport Air Pollution
9 Artificial and Biological Particles in Urban Atmosphere
10 Emission Control Technology
11 A Comprehensive Research of Atmospheric Haze by Optical Remote Sensing in Central China Region (CCR)
12 Temporal and Spatial Trends (1990–2010) of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Mosses in Slovakia
13 Ambient Level of NOx and NOy as Indicators of Photochemical Activity in an Urban Center
14 Modelling PM2.5 with Fuzzy Exponential Membership
15 On the Analytical Formulations for Pollutant Dispersion Simulation in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
16 Issues in the Identification of Smoke in Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery — A Machine Learning Approach
17 A Non-Homogeneous Markov Chain Model to Study Ozone Exceedances in Mexico City
18 Radon Risk Analysis Through Geostatistical Tools Implemented in a WebGIS
19 Air Pollution in High-Risk Sites–Risk Analysis and Health Impact
20 Treatment of Post-consumer Vegetable Oils for Biodiesel Production
21 Indoor air Quality Improvement Using Atmospheric Plasma
22 Biological Contamination of Air in Indoor Spaces
23 Microclimate and Indoor Air Quality in an Operating Theatre under real use Conditions — An Experimental and Numerical Investigation
24 Indoor Air Quality and Risk Factors Associated with Respiratory Conditions in Nigeria
25 Health Effects of Metals in Particulate Matter
26 Molecular Epidemiology and Air Pollution
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