Denise Austin - Power Yoga Plus

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Denise Austin - Power Yoga Plus

Denise Austin - Power Yoga Plus
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Let Denise Austin, America's #1 fitness expert, lead you through a workout that will shape, stretch and tone you from head to toe. Power Yoga Plus is an innovative blend of Yoga and Pilates moves designed to firm, reshape body lines, improve flexibility, all while toning the abdominal muscles - the body's core of strength and energy! The first workout, Power Yoga, is a series of traditional Yoga poses performed in a flowing style designed to generate power and stamina. 20 minutes. The second workout, Power Pilates, is an invigorating series of Pilates moves which challenge the abdominal muscles and tones the buttocks, hips and thighs PLUS combines 3lb. weights to sculpt the arms, chest and shoulders. 20 minutes. So, grab a mat, 3-5 pound weights and give Denise 20 minutes a day. Performed individually or together, Denise Austin's Power Yoga Plus will have you feeling and looking stronger, leaner - empowered!

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Denise Austin - Power Yoga Plus

Denise Austin - Power Yoga Plus

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