"Development and Integration of Microgrids" ed. by Wen-Ping Cao and Jin Yang

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"Development and Integration of Microgrids" ed. by Wen-Ping Cao and Jin Yang

"Development and Integration of Microgrids" ed. by Wen-Ping Cao and Jin Yang
ITOe | 2017 | ISBN: 9535134000 9535133993 9789535133995 9789535134008 | 268 pages | PDF | 40 MB

This book overviews the development of AC/DC microgrids; explains the microgrid concepts, design and control considerations, discusses operational and technical issues, as well as interconnection and integration of these systems. This book is served as a reference for a general audience of researchers, academics, PhD students and practitioners in the field of power engineering.

The utilization of AC or DC microgrids across the world has increased dramatically over the years and has led to development opportunities as well as technical challenges when they are connected to the main grids or used as stand-alone systems.

1 Overview of Technical Challenges, Available Technologies and Ongoing Developments of AC/DC Microgrids
2 Distributed Energy Resources to Improve the Power Quality and to Reduce Energy Costs of a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid
3 Future of Microgrids with Distributed Generation and Electric Vehicles
4 A Generalized Voltage Control Algorithm for Smooth Transition Operation of Microgrids
5 Design and Operation of an Islanded Microgrid at Constant Frequency
6 Detection and Operation of Unintentional Islands in the Presence of Distributed Generation Units
7 Design of an Energy Management System for Secure Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into Microgrids
8 FutureGrid: Use of Microgrids in Underserved Communities
9 Energy Management in Microgrids: A Combination of Game Theory and Big Data‐Based Wind Power Forecasting
10 Operation of Plug-In Electric Vehicles for Voltage Balancing in Unbalanced Microgrids
11 Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Mode-Adaptive Controls

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