EPK Editing: 5 Titles Graphics and Output

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EPK Editing: 5 Titles Graphics and Output

EPK Editing: 5 Titles Graphics and Output
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 2:05:05 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 1683.0 MB

Once your EPK is edited, visually enhanced, and has a complete audio mix, it's time to add the titles and graphics and output the final video. This installment of EPK Editing Workflows shows you how to choose a look and then quickly create the text and graphics with Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. You'll learn some simple but smart tricks for blending your footage with your newly created content, and tips for making sure your levels are still legal for broadcast. Finally, you'll discover how to output your finished media using the Adobe Media Encoder. These tutorials will help you achieve a consistent, recognizable style for your titles and graphics—one that's similar to the original subject matter but distinct enough to let viewers know they're watching something different.

Topics include:
  • Choosing a look for your graphics
  • Establishing a color palette based on existing footage
  • Choosing fonts
  • Working with title templates
  • Integrating Photoshop into your workflow
  • Working with Photoshop presets
  • Creative ways of using graphics and titles
  • Outputting files