The Experimental Enterprise: Building a Data-Driven Business

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The Experimental Enterprise: Building a Data-Driven Business

The Experimental Enterprise: Building a Data-Driven Business
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Many Java developers today are working on applications written before the release of Java SE 8. Even after Java 8 is adopted for new features, it’s likely that these legacy applications will not take full advantage of Java 8 without significant refactoring.

Being data-driven is a hot phrase, but what does it mean in practice? As the tide of digitization rises, every industry sector is poised to be transformed: digital manufacture such as 3D printing has commoditized prototyping and product development; mobile apps have put every business in direct contact with their customers; and the Internet of Things promises the ability to manipulate processes and environment. The result of this digitization is an unprecedented flood of data.

The ability to make decisions based on this data, and to use it to experiment rapidly, has become an imperative for today’s companies who wish to play a part in tomorrow’s market. An "experimental enterprise" is a company whose infrastructure is designed to make experimentation possible and efficient. It is not about finding analytical fairy dust that you can sprinkle to make everything better, but rather a deep-rooted approach to operations, innovation, and competition.

Although digitization is unquestionably an issue for the entire company, it places a laser focus on the IT organization. In a digitized marketplace, IT must transform from being "faster paper" to one in which it underpins strategic advantage. This is not an incremental change, but a radical reassessment. Within IT, there are six critical building blocks that can be used to build an experimental enterprise: the cloud, devops, and open source; agile development and platforms; and data science. This video introduces each of these building blocks in turn, and explains how the audience can use them in their own organizations to adapt and thrive under challenging and rapidly changing market conditions.

The Experimental Enterprise: Building a Data-Driven Business

The Experimental Enterprise: Building a Data-Driven Business

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