Final Cut Pro X Guru: Color Correction

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Final Cut Pro X Guru: Color Correction

Final Cut Pro X Guru: Color Correction
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Does the color in your video look inaccurate or flat? Are you looking to enhance the color values of your scene and bring it to life? Final Cut Pro X offers a variety of tools, scopes, and effects for you to grade all of your footage. This course is designed to provide an extensive overview of the Final Cut Pro X color correction workflow so you can manipulate and adjust video with ease. Nick Harauz takes you through each step of the process, showing how to evaluate and adjust images, make primary and secondary corrections, and add creative looks. He also explains how to handle more complicated footage problems, by demonstrating how to use specialized third-party plugins to remove noise and grain, beautify shots, and make color adjustments.

Topics include:
  • Using and customizing a color correction workspace
  • Making basic corrections
  • Creating a secondary color selection
  • Applying creative looks with color correction presets
  • Restoring color and tone
  • Working with raw video
  • Applying filmic looks and effects
  • Sending clips to DaVinci Resolve
  • Legalizing for broadcast