Foundation 4: Incorporating Sass and Compass

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Foundation 4: Incorporating Sass and Compass

Foundation 4: Incorporating Sass and Compass
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Foundation is one of the most popular responsive design frameworks—clean and simple. But much of Foundation's styling is accomplished via slightly more complex CSS: Compass and Sass. This course with Jen Kramer shows how to install Foundation, Compass, and Sass, and customize your own Foundation site. Learn how to start a new project, navigate the Sass file structure, and use the main _setting.scss file to style color, fonts, spacing, and more. Plus, learn about advanced features like functions, mixins, extended styles, and much more.

Topics include:
  • Installing Ruby, Sass, Compass, and the Foundation gem
  • Starting a new project
  • Compiling Sass files
  • Changing variables with _settings.scss
  • Working with Google Fonts and Sass
  • Styling the nav bar
  • Adjusting spacing between elements
  • Styling panel links
  • Creating a custom button with mixins