The Geology in Digital Age: Proceedings of the 17th Meeting of the AEGS, MAEGS 17

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The Geology in Digital Age: Proceedings of the 17th Meeting of the AEGS, MAEGS 17

The Geology in Digital Age : Proceedings of the 17th Meeting of the Association of European Geological Societies, MAEGS 17
Association European Geological Societies
The Serbian Geological Society | 18 Sep 2011 | ISBN: 8686053107 9788686053107 | 290 pages | PDF/djvu | 24/10 MB

This book contains Proceedings of the Association of European Geological Societies (MAEGS) with a demonstration of the latest research results and achievements in geological sciences. Belgrade, September, 14-16 2011.

Increasing of quantitative methods in the geology as well as magnitude of information in general, led to immense use of computers in the geosciences. This was highly useful in solving different earth science problems varying from data acquisition, 3D visualization, simulation, up to presentation of results.

However, vast use of computers is followed with inevitable problems: Various incompatible information, dissimilar hardware or software systems, diverse segments of geoinformation spectrum, Redundancy, etc. In accordance with this there is constant need for collaboration through exchange of information and experiences, research results, etc. Thus Core subject Geology in Digital Age was proposed.

Digital Geological Mapping
Digital Mapping for Collection and Visualization of Geoscientific Data
Geomatic Techniques Contributing to Understanding Geo-Morpho-Structural Assessment ofVeny Valley (Courmayeur, Ao)
Plotgooglemaps - A Simple Solution for Geological Survey Web Mapping
OneGeology - a Project that Changed the Way Geological Maps are Accessed Globally
Extended Abstracts
One Geology, One Europe, Many Players: Aspects of Digital Geoscience Information in the 21 st Century
First Maps on Internet
Mapping of the Quaternary Deposits of the Eastern Part of the Pannonian Basin (Romanian Section) Based on the Interpretation of the Leveling and on the Paleogeographical Reconstructions

GIS Aplications in Geology
Using ArcGIS for Landslide "Umka" 3D Visualization
GIS Supported Bauxite Deposit Geological Data as a Tool For Mining Operations Design
Using of GIS Technology for Digitalization of Neotectonic Map of Albania
Geological Mapping Using Landsat-7 Satellite Image, Compared With GIS Data. Case Study From Lake Volvi Basin, Central Macedonia, Greece
Vulnerability Assessment - a Prerequisite for Groundwater Protection to Contamination (use of GIS Technology)
Extended Abstracts
The Earth Beneath Our Feet: Start of the International GIS and Map of Quaternary Geology of Europe
Computerization of Data Related to the Age of Albanian Ophiolites by Applying GIS Technology
Pangeo - Enabling Access to Geological Information in Support of GMES
Digital Register of Karst Caves
Using GIS to Estimate Selo Landslide Volume, SW Slovenia

Geodatabase Design
Developing of the Geologic Terminology for the Geologic Database of Serbia
Digital Data and Their Storage in Albanian Geological Survey
Development of the Serbian Geological Resources Portal
Extended Abstracts
Geologic Information System of Serbia

Petroleum Geology, Reservoir and Basin Modeling
Sedimentation and Basin Modeling as an Innovative Trend of Regional Geological Projects of LLC "Gazpromneft Science and Technology Center"
Involvement in Development Hard to Recover Reservoirs Based on Killed Wells
Oil-and-Gas Content Prospects of the Kuznetsk Bending (the South of Western Siberia, Russia)
Application of Jet Drilling Technology for Incremental Recovery of Hard to Recover Reserves
Prospective Oil and Gas Traps in the South Caspian Offshore Sector
Tectonic Setting and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Albanides Fold-and-Thrust Belts
Regional Study of Pannoman Basin
Environments and Age of Oil-Source Beds in the South of Siberian Craton
Review of Energy Resources Shale Gas in Europe
Microbiological Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods and their Applicability forWest Siberia Reservoirs
Extended Abstracts
The Results of AVO Analysis on the Reservoir "Torda Shallow"
Geological and Seismic Data from the Border Zone Between Tisza Mega-Unit and Vardar Zone in South Backa (Northern Serbia)
Geological Composition of Reservoir Rocks of Petroleum Deposit "Pz+Sm" Kikinda-Varos (Vojvodina, Serbia)

Applied Geomathematics and Geostatistics
Monitoring Chestnut Ink Disease Using Sate llitelmagery and Field Surveys

2D and 3D Geomodels
Applying Terrestrial Laserscanning Technology on Rock Slope - A Case Study
Horizontal Edges Detection of Magnetic Anomaly Sources Based on Aeromagnetic Data
Geological Features and 3D Model of the Field "E", Kolubara Coal Basin
Geological Characteristics and 3D Model of the Brick Clay Deposit "Majdan III" near Kanjiza
Application of GPR and 3D Modeling as the Support for Protection of Objects of Importance and Arheaeological Research
Influence of Orography on TRMM Acquisition (3b42 Product)
Neogene Geodynamics in the Light of 3-D Visualization - an Example Along the Sava River (Belgrade)
I2GPS - A new Approach to 3D Surface Displacement Monitoring
Geological Settings of Soko Banja Coal Basin and 3D Modell of OP-4 Field
Acoustic Impedance Model and Porosity Prediction From 3D Seismic Data
Basic Principles of Development and Using the Digital Block Model in Designing by the Gemcom and Whittle Softwares on the Example of the "Veliki Krivelj" Copper Mine in Bor

Modelling of Geological Processes
Stick-slip Frictional Instability as a Model for Earthquakes
Development of the Conceptual Model of the Zagreb Aquifer System
Application of Satellite Gravity and Geomagnetic Data

Geology and Environment
Geoelectrical Signature of Hydrocarbon Contamination in Serbia
Geochemical Map of Eastern Serbia in 1:1000000 and Application in Defining the Ecological Status of Selected Areas
1977 Jovac Landslide - a New Overlook on Environmental Effects and Material Loss
Potentiality of the Mali Krivelj Ore Field Near Bor
Unsaturated Zone of Zagreb Aquifer
The Rudnik Mt. Volcanic and Metallogenetic Complex: an Example of Pb-Zn Tertiary Deposit in the Central Balkan Peninsula
Digital Inventory of Geo Sites in Albania
Natural Radioactivity of Granitic Plutons of Northern Greece
Ir Anomaly in the Fish Clay and the Proportion of Extraterrestrial Component
Microspherules of the Red Layer at the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary (Hejerup, Denmark)
Relationship Between Geology and Earthquake Sensitive Planning at the Disaster Damages Reduction
The Effect of Coriolis-Force on the River Course

Open Session
W-Mo Skarn From the Mracoma Valley, Romania
Laumontite-Type Zeolites in Plagiogramtic Rocks from Albanian Ophiolites
Estimation of the Stability of a Marly Slope, After Raining. The Case of Kapsali Area, in Kithira Island
Geotouristic Objects Revealed by Geotechmcal Activities
Geoscience in the Digital Age: a Perspective From "Down Under"
Mineralogical Characteristic of Smelting Slag in the Technogenic Deposit „Depo 1" (Bor, Serbia)
Hydrochemical Features of the Kavaja Groundwater Basin (Preadriatic Depression, Albania)
Devonian Deposits of the Tomsk Region (Russia): Biostratigraphy and Model of Development
Estimation of Exploitable Reserves in Multilayer Lignite Deposits by Applying Mining Software The Significant Impact of Geological Strata Correlation
A View on the Copyright for Maps Resulting From Geological Explorations in Serbia
Jurassic Tectonostratigraphy of the Neotethyan Thrust Belt
Determination of Basement Surface Configuration in North Western Desert of Egypt
Use of Geochemical Modeling in Provenancing Studies for Ancient Ceramics
Bronze Age Ceramic Slags in NW Romania
Miocene Evolution of Snake Assemblages in Central Europe: Palaeoclimatic Implications
Actual Horizontal Movements in Dinarides and Pannonian Basin
A new Concept for Albanide, Based on the Tectonic Style of Krasta-Cukali Zone
Detached Part of the Central Parathetys in the Slovenj Gradec Basin, Northern Slovenia
3D Geological Model of Carpathian Orogenic Front Near Pilzno (SE Poland)

Geoinformations in Europe
The European Geologist Title - Why and How
The EU Information System for Sustainable Supply of Europe with Energy and Mineral Resource

Geological Education and its Popularization
Qualification Framework for Higher Education in Geology - the EuroAges Project
Institutions and Organizations of the Republic of Serbia that has supported the congress activities
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