Getting Good With Git

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Getting Good With Git

Getting Good With Git
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Those of you who follow us on Twitter may have heard that, for the last few months, we've been preparing an exclusive ebook on Git (the most requested topic). I'm pleased to announce that the project is now complete, helmed by assistant Nettuts+ editor, Andrew Burgess! Git is confusing - really confusing! Make things easier on yourself and grab this ebook.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Git
1.What is Git? 7
2.Why Should I Use a Version Control System? 9
3.Where did Git Come From? 10
4.Why Not Use Another Source Code Manager? 10
5.Summary, 11

Chapter 2: Commands
1.A Warning, 14
2.Another Warning, 14
3.Opening the Command Line, 15
4.What You’re Looking At, 16
5.Commands, 17
6.Advanced Command Line Skills, 24
7.Summary, 25

Chapter 3: Configuration
1.Installing Git, 28
2.Configuring Git, 33
3.Using Git, 34
4.Referencing Commits: Git Treeishes, 51
5.Summary, 52

Chapter 4: Beyond the Basics
1.Git Add Revisited, 55
2.Git Commit Revisited, 65
3.Git Reset, 66
4.Git Checkout Revisited, 67
5.Git Diff, 68
6.Git Stash, 70
7.Working with Remote Repositories, 71
8.Git Rebase, 78
9.Summary, 81

Chapter 5: GitHub
1.What is GitHub? 84
2.Signing Up, 84
3.Tour of the Tools, 87
4.Creating a GitHub Repository, 92
5.Forking a Repository, 96
6.Summary, 101

Getting Good With Git

Getting Good With Git

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