HTML5: Drag and Drop

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HTML5: Drag and Drop

HTML5: Drag and Drop
MP4 | Video: 540p | Duration: 1:00:46 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 115.7 MB

Join Bill Weinman as he shows how to make just about any web page element draggable with a combination of JavaScript and HTML5, a technique that has increased browser support and that eliminates the need for external libraries such as jQuery. The course covers how to detect drag-and-drop support in the user's browser, code a simple event listener, use a drop zone, and even receive dropped objects without a drop zone. A simple working example game, a practical implementation of drag-and-drop that can be applied to almost any web site, is also demonstrated.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the HTML/Javascript/CSS/DOM relationship
  • Detecting drag and drop support
  • Using the HTML5 draggable and dropzone attributes and onDragStart event
  • Exploring different events
  • Receiving drops with or without a drop zone
  • Creating a simple game