"Handbook of Vegetables and Vegetable Processing" ed. by Muhammad Siddiq and Mark A. Uebersax

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"Handbook of Vegetables and  Vegetable Processing" ed. by Muhammad Siddiq and Mark A. Uebersax

"Handbook of Vegetables and Vegetable Processing" ed. by Muhammad Siddiq and Mark A. Uebersax
Second Edition. Set 2 Volume
WB | 2018 | ISBN: 1119098955 1119098947 1119098920 1119098939 9781119098935 9781119098928 9781119098942 9781119098959 | 1071 pages | PDF | 11 MB

This book is the most comprehensive guide on vegetable technology for processors, producers, and users of vegetables in food manufacturing. Two volumes of this book provide contemporary information that brings together current knowledge and practices in the value-chain of vegetables from production through consumption. The book is unique in the sense that it includes coverage of production and postharvest technologies, innovative processing technologies, packaging, and quality management.

Handbook covers recent developments in the areas of vegetable breeding and production, postharvest physiology and storage, packaging and shelf life extension, and traditional and novel processing technologies (high-pressure processing, pulse-electric field, membrane separation, and ohmic heating). It also offers in-depth coverage of processing, packaging, and the nutritional quality of vegetables as well as information on a broader spectrum of vegetable production and processing science and technology.

- Coverage includes biology and classification, physiology, biochemistry, flavor and sensory properties, microbial safety and HACCP principles, nutrient and bioactive properties
- In-depth descriptions of key processes including, minimal processing, freezing, pasteurization and aseptic processing, fermentation, drying, packaging, and application of new technologies
- Entire chapters devoted to important aspects of over 20 major commercial vegetables including avocado, table olives, and textured vegetable proteins

This important book will appeal to anyone studying or involved in food technology, food science, food packaging, applied nutrition, biosystems and agricultural engineering, biotechnology, horticulture, food biochemistry, plant biology, and postharvest physiology.

List of Contributors
Volume 1:
1 Biology and Classification of Vegetables
2 Biochemistry of Vegetables: Major Classes of Primary Metabolites (Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Organic Acids, and Fatty Acids)
3 Biochemistry of Vegetables: Secondary Metabolites in Vegetables —Terpenoids, Phenolics, Alkaloids, and Sulfur-Containing Compounds
4 Application of Genetic Engineering in Vegetable Crops
5 Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for Vegetable Production
6 Flavor and Sensory Characteristics of Vegetables
7 Nutritional Profile of Vegetables and Its Significance in Human Health
8 Bioactive Phytochemicals in Vegetables
9 Postharvest Physiology of Vegetables
10 Postharvest Handling Systems and Storage of Vegetables
11 Fresh Vegetables and Vegetable Products Packaging
12 Fresh-Cut Vegetables
13 Minimal Processing and Novel Technologies Applied to Vegetables
14 Refrigeration and Freezing Preservation of Vegetables
15 Principles of Vegetable Canning
16 Drying of Vegetables: Principles and Dryer Design
17 Vegetable Fermentation and Pickling
18 Processing of Vegetable Juices and Blends
19 Processing and Computer Technology
20 Waste Management and Utilization in Vegetable Processing
Volume 2:
21 Asparagus: Production, Quality, and Processing
22 Avocado Production, Processing, and Nutrition
23 Broccoli and Cauliflower: Production, Quality, and Processing
24 Dry Beans Processing, Quality Evaluation, and Nutrition
25 Carrots Production, Processing, and Nutritional Quality
26 Cassava Production, Processing and Nutrition
27 Chili, Peppers, and Paprika
28 Garlic and Onion: Production, Biochemistry, and Processing
29 Green Leafy Vegetables: Spinach and Lettuce
30 Edible Mushrooms: Production, Processing, and Quality
31 Table Olives Production, Postharvest Processing, and Nutritional Qualities
32 Olive Oil Processing, Categories, Nutritional Benefits, and Byproducts
33 Peas, Sweet Corn, and Green Beans
34 Potato Production, Postharvest Quality, and Processed Products
35 Sweetpotato Production, Processing, and Nutritional Quality
36 Tomato Production, Processing, and Nutrition
37 Selected Other Vegetables: Okra, Eggplant, Turnip, Asian Radish, Bitter Gourd, and Kohlrabi
38 Vegetable Parts, Herbs, and Essential Oils
39 Microbiology of Fresh and Processed Vegetables
40 Microbial Safety of Fresh and Processed Vegetables
41 HACCP and HACCP-Based Programs for Controlling Food Safety Hazards in the Vegetable Industry
42 Halal and Kosher Regulations for Processing and Marketing of Vegetables
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