"Heat and Mass Transfer" by Hans Dieter Baehr, Karl Stephan

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"Heat and Mass Transfer" by Hans Dieter Baehr, Karl Stephan

"Heat and Mass Transfer" by Hans Dieter Baehr, Karl Stephan
Third, revised Edition
Sрringеr | 2011 | ISBN: 3642200206 3642200222 9783642200229 9783642200205 9783642200212 | 762 pages | PDF | 11 MB

This comprehensive textbook provides readers with a firm foundation in the principles of heat and mass transfer and shows them how to solve problems by applying modern methods. The book will be useful not only to upper- and graduate-level students, but also to practicing scientists and engineers.

The revised edition incorporates state-of-the-art findings on heat and mass transfer correlations.
The basic theory is developed systematically, and the solution methods to all important problems are covered in detail.

Many worked-out examples and numerous exercises with their solutions will facilitate learning and understanding, and an appendix includes data on key properties of important substances.

Preface to the third edition
Preface to the first edition
1 Introduction. Technical Applications
1.1 The different types of heat transfer
1.2 Overall heat transfer
1.3 Heat exchangers
1.4 The different types of mass transfer
1.5 Mass transfer theories
1.6 Overall mass transfer
1.7 Mass transfer apparatus
1.8 Exercises
2 Heat conduction and mass diffusion
2.1 The heat conduction equation
2.2 Steady-state heat conduction
2.3 Transient heat conduction
2.4 Numerical solution to heat conduction problems with difference methods
2.5 Numerical solution to heat conduction problems with the method of Finite elements
2.6 Mass diffusion
2.7 Exercises
3 Convective heat and mass transfer. Single phase flow
3.1 Preliminary remarks: Longitudinal, frictionless flow over a flat plate
3.2 The balance equations
3.3 Influence of the Reynolds number on the flow
3.4 Simplifications to the Navier-Stokes equations
3.5 The boundary layer equations
3.6 Influence of turbulence on heat and mass transfer
3.7 External forced flow
3.8 Internal forced flow
3.9 Free flow
3.10 Overlapping of free and forced flow
3.11 Compressible flows
3.12 Exercises
4 Convective heat and mass transfer. Flows with phase change
4.1 Heat transfer in condensation
4.2 Heat transfer in boiling
4.3 Exercises
5 Thermal radiation
5.1 Fundamentals. Physical quantities
5.2 Radiation from a black body
5.3 Radiation properties of real bodies
5.4 Solar radiation
5.5 Radiative exchange
5.6 Gas radiation
5.7 Exercises
Appendix A: Supplements
Appendix B: Property data
Appendix C: Solutions to the exercises
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