Learning Adobe Flash CS5 Video Training

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Learning Adobe Flash CS5 Video Training

Learning Adobe Flash CS5 Video Training
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Genre: Adobe Flash CS5 | Language: English | Working Files Included

Course Description

In this Flash CS5 Tutorial Video, expert author Andy Anderson takes you through the ins and outs of Adobe Flash CS5. Flash CS5 has become a web standard for animations, video and even gaming. In this training video, Andy introduces you to the basics of Flash CS5, preparing you to utilize it in many different fashions.

Starting with the basics of creating your Flash documents and projects, this video tutorial covers topics ranging from working with text, graphics, animation and video. You will learn how to work within the Flash timeline, utilize layers, create shapes and use the pen and other drawing tools. You will be taught how to import graphics, save symbols to the library, work with masks, and even introduce audio into your Flash documents. Andy teaches you using a unique combination of humor and instruction, which is extremely effective in allowing you to retain what you are taught.

By the conclusion of this computer training tutorial, you will have all the necessary skills to create your own flash movies, animations and web documents or even full websites! Andy has included working files to allow you to use the exact same files he is using, increasing your ability to replicate the learning.
Table of Contents

01. Introduction To Flash
02. Working In The Flash Environment
03. Working With Colors - Gradients And Shapes
04. Working With The Flash Library
05. Working Flash Text
06. Importing Graphics Into Flash
07. Working With Flash Animation: Frame-By-Frame
08. Working With Classic Tweening
09. Working In The Motion Tween Panel
10. Working With Masks
11. Working Audio In Flash
12. Working With Video In Flash
13. Working With Effects - Filters And Bones
14. Using Components And Snippets
15. Publishing A Flash Movie
16. Conclusion
Learning Adobe Flash CS5 Video Training

Learning Adobe Flash CS5 Video Training

Learning Adobe Flash CS5 Video Training