Installing and Running WordPress: MAMP (2015)

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Installing and Running WordPress: MAMP (2015)

Installing and Running WordPress: MAMP (2015)
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Installing WordPress on your computer gives you a perfect testing ground for experimentation, theme development, plugin testing, and website development. This course is designed for developers and users who want to install and configure WordPress locally on a Mac with MAMP, the open-source server/database/scripting language combo that sets the stage for more serious WordPress development. Author Morten Rand-Hendriksen covers the configuration options and usage scenarios to get you started in WordPress quickly. Plus (new for 2015!) learn how to set up your WordPress development environment in just a few clicks with MAMP PRO, the professional, commercial version of the framework.

Topics include:
  • What is MAMP?
  • Downloading MAMP and WordPress
  • Installing MAMP and WordPress
  • Running WordPress under MAMP
  • Setting up additional WordPress sites
  • Setting up WordPress with MAMP PRO Extras