Jiu-Jitsu and Other Methods of Self-Defence (First Edition) (Repost)

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Jiu-Jitsu and Other Methods of Self-Defence (First Edition) (Repost)

Percy Longhurst - Jiu-Jitsu and Other Methods of Self-Defence
L. Upcott Gill, Bazaar Buildings, W.C.; New York: Charles Scribner's Sons | 1906 | ISBN: N/A | English | 108 pages | PDF | 85.85 MB

Percy Longhurst was an English wrestler (most probably a "catch-wrestler", that is: freestyle). He became acquainted with Yukio Tani og S. K. Uyenishi through W. E. Barton-Wright (the person who introduced ju jitsu to England in the early 1900's). Longhust started "The British Ju Jitsu Society" together with three other gentlemen, and became Tani's pupil. In turn Longhurst introduced the art to various police departments (The London Metro Police amongst them).
In this book by Longhurst he describes a rather large number of methods in great detail. Many of these methods are indeed quite good and ans such make up a great and entertaining read. As each and every technique has an accompanying drawing, as well as very detailed text, it is quite feasible to understand the methods that are shown here.
The book starts off by explaining various standing methods. These involve mostly locks, but also some takedowns/throws and some defences against punches and kicks. After that the book goes into ground defences (holds, locks and chokes), followed by a chapter titled: "Jiu-Jitsu for Ladies". This has some rather cool action-packed drawings sporting ladies defending against some mean looking assailants.
There is also a chapter called "Simple Tricks of Self-Defence". Here you will find (amongst other things) some methods with the cane (or walking stick).
Pages 68, 69 are missing.